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Custom Project Phases

Discovery? Design? Development? QA? Tailor each of your projects according to the phases required. An active project will track the current phase and ask clients for approval before proceeding to the next phase.

Quick Links

Create custom Quick Links for everybody in a project, so every person can easily access what they need when they need.

Branded Dashboard

Enhance your client’s experience by customizing TaskBranch. You can set your company’s branding (logo & colours) and subdomain (

Client Approvals

You can use TaskBranch’s built-in client approval feature to collect sign-off on each project phase before moving on. Now designs can be legally accepted before development kicks off!

Messages & Discussions

Leave those countless email threads behind! Start discussions on TaskBranch with whoever you want, complete with a full WYSIWYG editor, file attachments and more.

Tasks & To Do’s

Keep everything on track. Create tasks, assign to users, set priorities, define deadlines, and update statuses.


From task deadlines to vacation schedules, always be up-to-date by viewing a project’s activity in the project calendar.

Time Reporting

If you have clients on monthly retainers or hour blocks, you can log tasks, track time and share monthly reports in one place.

Online Statuses

With team status indicators, you can always
see who is actively online within a project.

Unlimited Users

Every project comes with the ability to invite an unlimited number of users. Feel free to add designers, developers and clients alike! No hidden fees.

File Storage

From designs to documents, you can upload and share files directly in your project.


TaskBranch can plug into your existing team’s workflow by integrating notifications with Slack. And there are countless more integrations coming soon!

Enterprise Security

The TaskBranch platform uses end-to-end encryption, security monitoring and account security measures to ensure the safekeeping of your company's data.

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