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Benefits of a Digital Project Management Platform

June 26, 2020 in Projects 101

Are you still managing projects manually? Post-it notes everywhere? Frantic phone calls when you need an update? Sixteen email threads with dozens of messages?

It’s probably time for a digital project management platform. From desktop software programs to mobile-based apps, going digital when it’s time to manage your next project can give your entire process an edge.

A quality platform can help streamline your workflow, make communicating easier (especially across departments, company branches or different time zones) and keep your team organized by providing a centralized resource for crucial project information. Let’s take a look at these facets in more detail and assess how a project management platform can help you get there.

Enhance Communication Between Team Members

Depending on the size of your company or the nature of your project, you might be managing more than just the team you see on a regular basis. There’s a chance you might be working with freelancers or consultants, many of who work remotely. You might also be working with team members from various offices in different parts of the country – or even across the globe. If your project team comprises any of these types of professionals, communicating regularly gets a whole lot more complicated.

Using a digital project management app makes communicating more seamless and gives everyone a central platform for sending and receiving updates. Instead of swapping back and forth between messaging platforms or trying to schedule regular phone calls around time zones, try a project management app and see the difference it makes when it comes to your team communicating.

Keep a record of everything

Digital project management has taken the project management sphere by storm, the way digital resources have shaped many a process. Key reasons for this include centralization of documents, cloud accessibility, and permissions management.

Using a project management platform allows for a centralized resource where everyone with access can view the same vital information, whether it’s in regards to timelines, roles, tasks or updates. Not only is there a record of all these things in real time, but digital project management means it’s available to everyone no matter when – or where – they need it.

Streamline your workflow

With your entire team using a central app, you’ll also find that workflows move much more smoothly. Some project management platforms, such as TaskBranch, feature built-in workflow systems and automatic updates when one team member has completed a task, alerting other team members who are awaiting those results. Workflows can easily be adjusted on the go, and the entire team can see who is working on what. This helps eliminate bottlenecks. You’ll probably find that this feature is extremely helpful when managing projects that use team members in different locations.

As a project manager, you’ll also find this is a much simpler and more holistic way of overseeing the project in its entirety as it progresses from start to finish.

*  * *

There’s a reason project managers across the globe are shifting to a digital approach, and it’s more than just a trend. A well-designed project management platform can enhance your entire process and help you deliver beyond expectations. Going digital gives you a centralized place where you can see completed tasks and updates in real time, communicate seamlessly with all members of your team make your workflows as efficient as possible.

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