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How to Boost Team Morale and Productivity

September 19, 2019 in Guides

Early in the year, it’s easy to feel freshly energized about business goals, performance indicators and exciting projects you’d like your team to be part of. Of course we can take on this new client! And this one! And add new tasks to this other ongoing project while we’re at it!

After all, it’s hard to escape the culture of resolutions and reinventions, whether it’s in your work or home life. Sustaining this newfound enthusiasm and turning it into a profitable and productive year, however, is another story. And burnout is an all-too-real phenomenon in digital project management.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep that enthusiasm throughout 2019? Here are some practices you can add into your digital project management strategy that will keep your team just as invested as you are.

Start collaboration early

Despite the “fresh start” feel that permeates January and February, burnout is a very real thing that can happen if some of your team members feel that not all their colleagues are pulling their weight.

If you’ve embraced 2020 by taking on some new projects or clients, this can be a big problem as your remaining team members struggle to keep up the pace. Keep the team energy alive and well by fostering a sense of collaboration early on in the year.

A great way to do this is by investing in software to enhance your digital project management. Giving your team access to task management software designed for agencies can give the team a clear view of who is working on what and how their tasks fit in with the overall end goal. It boosts clarity but also has the added benefit of keeping everyone accountable.

Another added benefit is that it creates a meaningful relationship between your in-house employees and any remote or freelance workers, who now all have access to the same information.

Embrace regular feedback

Holding a single annual performance review for each employee is disadvantageous to your team’s culture and we’ll tell you why. Does it make sense to go an entire year before telling your team members how they could improve? Or go an entire year without mentioning that they’ve been doing something that really works? Why not give them multiple chances to incorporate this feedback into their ongoing work?

Nobody likes to feel as if they don’t know where they stand in the workplace. Are they hitting their targets and contributing to the company’s overall success? Could they be strengthening their skills in a particular area and doing an even better job by the next quarter? Your team craves validation, and, if you’re doing digital project management the right way, they want to make sure they are doing their jobs to the best of their abilities.

Holding more regular feedback sessions, whether one-on-one or with small groups, can be a great opportunity to help your employees know where they stand and motivate them to continuously improve their work. It helps your projects overall, because your team has the chance to continuously evaluate what they’ve been doing successfully – and replicate it – and think about how they can improve their existing process.

In 2019, make regular, constructive and motivational feedback part of your digital project management strategy.

Use software to manage your project resources

January is a time of fresh starts and renewed energy, and, while it’s great to capitalize on all that, it’s also easy – too easy – to rush into things before all your resources are in place.

Ironically, starting a project before all your resources are in place can actually make your process more inefficient – and ultimately extend your deadline. Hardly ideal, right? The best way to get a sense of which resources are available and what kind of a position your team members are in when it comes to taking on more tasks, is by using task management software. The right software will give you a clear view of all your projects and the resources allocated to each one. This allows you to strategize your new projects in real time, making sure you plan accurately and sufficiently.

Using task management software lets you harness that renewed energy throughout the new year and beyond.

The start of a new year is the perfect time to take on new projects or come at your existing ones with a renewed energy and perspective. Start your 30-day free trial with TaskBranch today and sustain that enthusiasm all year!


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