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Rethink SaaS Pricing: Make Your Project Costs Flexible

April 03, 2020 in Announcements

From people to printer ink, all projects come with inevitable costs. However, not all costs are necessary – including software.

When we set out to build TaskBranch, not only did we want to create a functional platform that would help remote teams around the world; we also wanted to rethink how SaaS products are priced. After all, does it really cost us more every time you add a new user to your account? No. So why should it cost you more?

After all, when a user is added to a SaaS platform such as TaskBranch, it requires almost no storage space or memory usage on our servers. Adding a new project, however, has a much larger impact on our available resources.

TaskBranch, like other tools on the market, is a cloud-based platform that makes project management easy for digital teams. But, unlike all other tools on the market, TaskBranch offers the most flexible & logical billing. Here you pay a low price per project, not per user. This way, your software cost is flat and easily budgeted, it can be billed to the project, and every project enjoys unlimited users.

To view the full list of what TaskBranch offers, visit our Features page. But, of course, we recommend you try it yourself with our 30 day free trial! Sign up now, with no credit card required.


Team TaskBranch

TaskBranch is a cloud-based project management suite that makes it easy for digital teams to manage multi-phase projects in one place.